Virtual Exhibition Space

Kz is a virtual gallery of contemporary art hailing from the city on the Neva, but located outside the conventions of a certain time and space. We do not sell works of artists, but we open to everyone the vision of different masters who are on the verge of dreams and reality.

Kz exhibits are a combination of fictional sites created by our team in 3D visualization format based on the artist’s primary idea and virtual copies of his works. Thus, a peculiar capsule of the personal history of the creator and collective ideas about the ideal exhibition space is born.

Our art platform is located in the global network and therefore is available for viewing and interaction constantly, and not at the same time. Technical capabilities of Kz are systematically growing and allow you to implement more and more complex ideas, without limiting projects to the budget and territorial affiliation. All exhibitions are held online with a 360 degree panorama overview, objects are available for detailed consideration, and a lone viewer can move around and explore all new spaces. An integral part of Kz are also interviews with our contemporaries and a musical column from experimenters in the field of sound.