About us


Virtual Exhibition Space

KZgallery – a virtual gallery of contemporary art. Our platform is open for interaction with Russian and foreign artists and curators, regardless of age, level of education and professional achievements. The technical capabilities of the gallery allow you to realize the most daring ideas, without limiting the authors to the budget, media choice and territorial affiliation. All exhibitions are held online with 360 degree panorama overview, which gives our projects a special atmosphere of real presence in the virtual space. In addition, the peculiarity of the project is that new expositions are opened once and for all, they are available for viewing not at once but permanently.
The team of KZgallery are active young artists and curators who have a direct relationship to the processes within the artistic community. Our mission is to expand the field and horizons of comprehension of contemporary art, as well as its popularization among young people and active users of the Internet space.