Ksenia Zenskaya

Fashion designer, artist and musician ZENKA
Free music – like tech house, dram and bass, future trap, asid house, retro funk

The debut as an electronic musician took place in early 2019 with the subsequent recording of three albums at once.


Alex Zender

Professional musician, artist and representative of the experimental electronic music scene. His work is a continuous fixation and a one-time reflection of the changing structures of the surrounding space, in which each person contains a whole universe. Addressing metaphysical issues erases the boundaries between styles and performance techniques. Music is created in real time and each of those present becomes a source for finding new expressive patterns.

Project participant: KENAKO, Blind Orchestra, {instead} ensemble, Classic Electric, Fog Star.



Alter ego of media artist Victor Kudryashov (Victor Kudryashov). His rhythmic noise project reminds music in the style of the latest releases of the Posh Isolation label, absolute unstoppable energy, absolute power, which makes the brain panic seek refuge.

Victor does not upload his audio recordings and live to social networks. Only short passages and pieces are all that can be found on the net.

Alexey Borisov


Composer, sound artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, promoter, journalist.

Alexey is a Russian musician who stood at the origins of such styles and trends as new wave, electroscope, industrial, experimental electronics, noise, free improvisation, etc. He has hundreds of concerts all over the world, participation in major international festivals of electronic and experimental music, collaboration with musicians, sound artists, poets, directors, dancers and fashion designers from different countries.

Among the groups and projects of Borisov are: Night Prospectus, FRUITS (together with Pavel Zhagun), Volga, ASTMA (together with Olga Nosovaya), Gospaln Trio, Sounds We, Rivushie Strings and many others.
Borisov’s musical style is a unique combination of guitar improvisations with electronics, musique concrete, vocal impromptu and spoken word.

Also deals with electro-acoustics, free improvisation, participates in art projects and theatrical productions.
Collaborates with many video artists, directors, poets, dancers, performance artists.
He voiced silent films (together with Sergey Letov, Alexander Alexandrov, Olga Nosovoy, Dietrich Eichmann, Bob Meanza, Tikhon Kubov), including “Faust” by Friedrich Murnau (1928), “Aelita” by Yakov Protazanov (1924), “11th” ( 1928), “Enthusiasm” (1930) Dziga Vertov and others.
Borisov’s discography includes more than 100 albums and compilations on all existing media.
Since 2003, he has been the curator of the experimental music festival “Noise and Rage” in the cultural center “DOM” (Moscow).


Max Stropov

– artist, musician, philosopher, one of the participants of the art group {rodina} (https://vk.com/rodina_group) and the founder of the political movement the party of the dead (https://vk.com/party_of_the_dead).

As a musician, he is active in such areas as noise, industrial, black metal, electroacoustic and electronic improv. In sound performances, he works mainly with voice, electronics and lyrics. A participant of many situational collaborations (mostly improvisational) with many experimental musicians from Russia and Europe, as well as a number of relatively permanent musical projects, such as Sacrifices (experimental black https://vk.com/sacrifices), Phoenix Sect (post-industrial https://vk.com/sekta_phoenixa) and Studio Unconscious Music (punk techno https://vk.com/unconscious_music).


Since 2010, the project of the pseudonym Eova Luciole has managed to release a huge amount of material, speak at various events and festivals of computer art, not limited to the territorial boundaries of the northern capital.
I launched into the world of 8-bit, Chiptune, the activity of the non-profit label BleepLove, which has in its account releases of both domestic performers and many foreign musicians.
Meet the mix of melodic chiptune and crazy chipbreak reproducible from gaming consoles.

ッ プ チ ュ ー ン, ゲ ー ム ボ ー イ 音 楽
私 の 口 の 星! ま た は ソ ビ エ ト 社会主義 共和国 連邦 の 自動 レ ア リ テ ィ Ӧ, 幸福, 喜 び, 嘔吐

Ignat Khlobystin and Elina Lebedze

Musicians with an academic background. Activities range from concerts at the philharmonic to participation in the projects “Cabaret Typhoon”, “Sad Wedding”.

444 – music project

It is gloomy, but at the same time dance music accompanied by electronic percussion. Live performances are a performance with elements of video art, vocals are present in some compositions.

Conceptually, 444 is the history of the study of one’s own fears, told in languages of various means of expression. At the exit, this “polyphony” confronts two poles: decadence and symbolism, while creating a new aesthetics of the new time.

Vladislav Lebedev

musician, actor, and scholar, best known as a former member of the Waltz in the Congo group. However, his solo work has nothing to do with the above collective. The avant-garde community knows Lebedev as the founder of an unusual education D.O.D. “Stone”, which he himself refuses to call a group or project, claiming that this is exclusively and only “jihad”. That is, an association that has, above all, spiritual, almost religious goals, and secondly, aesthetic ones. “Stone” began its journey as an experimental project, even released a joint album with the guru of Russian dark ambient Bardoseneticcube, but recently turned to a more public sound, which Lebedev calls “folk”.

In his work, Lebedev speaks strongly against irony and elitism, preaches the ideals of Sufism and anarchism, tries to find new melodic and ideological solutions. Much of what he does seems absurd and irreducible to a single grain, but a deep enough dive can remove contradictions for the listener / viewer and present a rich, colorful world of original and daring art.