“His Highness the Cornice”

The view from the window can not only affect the daily mood, but also can add up life. Especially if the window is attached even before the space – no, this is not a wide window sill and not a familiar balcony! This fantastic 1.5-meter cornice is a real place of strength, a special zone of comfort and a breath of freedom.

Exhibition of Anastasia Zayavyalova “Stunning view from the window” is a game of reality, a space woven from the impressions and daily observations of the artist. On the other hand, for the viewer, the cornice becomes a kind of portal, a clash of sleep and reality. Delicate, almost odorous watercolors, reminiscent of the dampness and humidity of spring air – fill the main space, extending beyond the edge of the cornice. And if you look more closely, it comes to the understanding that you are looking at the edge of choice: it depends on you that he came into himself and fly into the distance or through the window into the house and keep warm in a cozy nest.


Katya Mikhotova, specially for KZ gallery