Igor Sever

Many times he passed along this fence and only now noticed a secret door in the concrete wall, in a dark ledge a black bell plastered with lime with a curved inscription at the button, “sound-legs”.
There are a number of signboards on the building – honey for beekeepers, why ?, a hairdressing salon, naughty shopping for adults, the Pharaoh car dealership, the hostel “Paris”, then meat and fish, can the meaning be hidden here, Kabbalah? Even more mysterious is the pointer-computers, under it is still the inscription-sauna, bath and funeral services.
In a hurry, he stepped over the puddle, in it a trampled cardboard plaque with the inscription with a ball-point pen floated in it …
The properties of the human eye continue to amaze, it perfectly distinguishes colors and the smallest shades, it captures countless shapes and surfaces, it responds to the brightness and nerve impulses of horror or delight, but what is more striking is its ability to distinguish the dead from the living.
The best models are images from Playboy. On Friday, I bought a magazine at the exit of the subway, Granny glanced at me with a scrawl and a reproach, loudly demanded from the seller – well, I got Giotto’s album …
A huge girl, in a stamp-box for toothbrushes, leather jackets with bubbles of sweat on the surface of kinks, a half-decayed gray and damp rucksack on her knees, washcloths at the corners, hopelessness.
Design and admiring, this is a psychosis,
everything is driven into crowd stereotypes, tiny knitted heads
indecency, powerful ass with bulging rhizomes checkered coat
proletarian mod. I’m afraid of these people. In the snow clubs at the exit
swinging and mooing-repair hookahs, on the pole fresh sheets
orders for the last sale of confiscated goods from the new collection.


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