a group that was formed almost 40 years ago, but has not lost its relevance to this day. The team founded by Valery Alakhov and Igor Verichev is believed to play electronic music, but in fact the style of the group is much deeper – critics define it as “St. Petersburg Pop Art”.
“New Composers”, according to Valery Alakhov, one of the group’s founders, is not so much a musical collective as a conceptual one. The collective found its original technique in combining music and lyrics from the world air around us: radio, television, records. They recorded noises, TV and radio programs, cut magnetic tape into pieces, rearranged them and saw what would happen. They would collect turntables and tape recorders from friends, take them to a place where there was a mixing console, then turn them on and mix them. The result was original musical collages and mysterious compositions that anticipated the emergence of trance, ambient, neo-disco and other musical styles.
The musicians met in Leningrad as schoolchildren, and in the early 1980s they organized discos in the Proftekhobrazovanie Culture Center. In 1983 in the MDT studio they recorded experimental material, which was an original compilation of various musical fragments, technical noises, sounds of nature and space. The material formed the basis of the debut album “Cosmic Space”. Around the same time Alakhov and Verichev became regulars at the Leningrad Rock Club and crossed paths with many of its members, including Sergei Kuryokhin, Kino and Aquarium. They then came upon the creative group New Artists, whose informal leader, Timur Novikov, suggested the name New Composers. In 1987, the New Composers registered the creative association “Club of Science Fiction” and started organizing night techno-discos in the Planetarium, thus laying the foundations of Russian techno-culture. It was they who introduced the cosmic theme of parties, which was later embodied in the famous “Gagarin Party” at VDNKh.

Soyuz Ozverelih

A musical project by artists (graduates of the Rodchenko School) from Omsk: Egor Fedorichev and Ivan Gaidel, with the participation of Peter Skvortsov and Anna Malyutina.

“The sandpaper music, at first glance, echoes the band’s name. Not so: “beastly” can literally mean “beast”, and beasts don’t so much gnaw at each other as bail each other out. “Union” spares those who get to the bottom of it. The recitative is now coining words, now choking on them with distorted guitars. At some point through this music, one becomes convinced that the clang variety is a separate language in its own right.”

Antanas Jacinevičius

Composer/sound artist
Born in 1988 in Moscow. He graduated from the educational program “Experimental Sound and Multimedia Technologies” from aka SA)), was trained at the School of Photography and Multimedia named after. Rodchenko in the workshop of interactive media.

Antanas’ alter ego is reflected in the Spitsbergen project, and the artist is also part of the Constant 9 project and performs under his own name. The works of the composer at the same time express melancholy and tension, suspension and question. Expressive means originate in electro-acoustic, industrial, noise and techno music.

About the music for the project “Velimir in a mousetrap”:
Through music, I tried to enhance the effect of the detachment of the play space: a kind of deconstruction of the characters, objects and concepts that appear in the poem. At the same time, I wanted to build a kind of audio narrative that is in counterpoint with textual and visual narrative.

Anton Komandirov


Born in 1978 in Ukhta, Komi Republic. Musician, composer, sound engineer, former stand-up comedian. Lives and works in St. Petersburg. Creates groovy IDM, murky trip-hop, heroic ambient.
Education: moderate art.
Solo project: kmndrff.
Also a member of the Techno-Poetry co-op.

Anton wrote the music for the game version of  “You will never identify me”.

Grigoriy Samsonov

Born in 1986 in the city of Severodvinsk. Studied in Saint-Petersburg as a graphic designer. Mainly made electronic music under the names Griboriy and The Corr, also as a member of Nir-Nor with गुंजनHUi!(זמזום†hum ‡)哼 Πέτρος. He mainly writes music in the styles: experimental electronica, ambient, techno, glitch.

For the exhibition “You’ll Never Know Me” he created a track composed of improvisations on the guitar.

Anna Rotaenko and Mark Question

The soundtrack of the project was co-written by Anna Rotaenko and Mark Question, the author and frontman of such projects as Nikola Tesla & Thee Coils and the mango tweedlight academy, a member of the pomogite community.

In the work with sound we wanted to reflect a layer hidden from sight, the introspection of the supposed protagonist entering the unsettling environment of this non-game. Thus came the bitter nostalgia for the psychedelic and revolutionary 60s, the whispering instead of the screaming, and the haunting ticking of a clock that someone had dropped.

Konstantin Salamatin

electronic musician; member of the musical collective Build Your House Underground. In July 2017 he released a solo album on the German Internet label Spheredelic.

Daniil Gorokhov

Was born in Leningrad in 1988. Received a classical music education at the St. Petersburg Musorgsky College of Music and at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Since 2019 he has been studying for a master’s degree with a specialization in new music at the Basel Academy of Music (Switzerland), where he also studies free improvisation and sound design. As an interpreter of contemporary music and improviser, he took part in projects at the Lucerne Summer Festival, the “im Flow der Apocalypse” festival in Basel. Since 2020, he has been a permanent member of Latenz Enseble (Switzerland).


Asya was born and lives in Moscow. Previously she took part in the notorious rap duo les gnidas.
The solo project Durrra, this is no longer quite lyrical rap, here Asya works primarily with words and emotions, finding and losing control over both.
Intertwined with heavy beats and breaking melodies, these words turn into ones that combine pain, aggression, whining, love and other human things.

Angelica Gabibova

Composer, pianist, vocalist. She was born in 1992 in Volgodonsk. Graduate of the St. Petersburg Conservatory.
As a composer, he collaborates with drama theaters, including the Aleko Theater and the Kaliningrad Regional Puppet Theater, with the 1703 orchestra, with the organizations Classic Electric and Ballet.Theatre
As an orchestrator and arranger he collaborates with the Mariinsky Theater, Music Hall, Karambol Theater, CONCORD ORCHESTRA
The author of the first neopodcasts-hoaxes on the global Internet.
As a pianist, he takes part in the PAUL GRAPE BAND project (free jazz, soul), and is also a co-founder, pianist, composer and vocalist of the VOODOOWOMEN (soul) and LATIFREA (trip-hop) projects.

Ksenia Yermoshina

Research Fellow at the Center for Internet and Society (CNRS, France), UX designer and composer. Founder of the Research Institute of Noise, an independent interdisciplinary institute specializing in sound studies, the study of noise in various disciplines, the development of experimental sound practices. The Research Institute of Noise holds regular educational and concert events in St. Petersburg aimed at developing a community around drone and noise music.

Now Ksenia is working on a drone album, entirely created from sounds collected by her in the data centers of St. Petersburg. The noises of mining farms, coolers constantly cooling server rooms remind us of the direct dependence of the constantly growing streams of our data on specific material carriers.

The aim of the project is to draw attention to the links between the global data economy and climate change. The artificial cold necessary for the operation of the server rooms is involved in the production of planetary warming.


Sound producer from St. Petersburg, creating music in the techno-industrial style. He is also the co-organizer of the acclaimed series of parties Påraleł
The sound of his tracks is like a heartbeat, synchronized with the death march into the postmodern alienation of the digitized collective mind.

Bob Buttons

Born in 1991 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where he became friends with the bass guitar, and as a young boy flew to live in St. Petroleninburg, where he began to play more psychedelic fusion with his dogs and turtles. Bob Knottyk’s project explores the ultra thin 69th layer of the subcortex of the brain to sense light through vibrated air.

Anton Poluboyarinov

Born in 1990, lives and works in St. Petersburg. In 2012, he graduated from the Faculty of Management Systems and Informatics NRU ITMO. 2012-2015 attended a master’s course at the Faculty of Astronautics of the Harbin Polytechnic Institute in China. Since 2018, she regularly collaborates with Shift Studio. In 2019, he was trained at the New Media Laboratory of the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater. Works with sound in electronic experimental and club music.

Nikolay Serebryakov

Musician, sound designer and producer. Koyla has been released on numerous labels over the years including New York Nite Grooves, Bombay Records, Motek Label, Asymmetric Records. Koyla is a multi instrumentalist that had his music education from one of the most prestigious music schools in St. Petersburg (Russia) where he focused primarily on learning the piano, saxophone, which led him to be involved in a number of jazz, soul projects. His other love is house music, which has lead to a number of releases across different labels.


A group from St. Petersburg, assembled in 2014. The predominant trends in their music: psychedelic rock | trip hop | experimental electronic | space ambient. This project is a fascinating journey through the world of experiments. And this applies not only to instruments, sound extraction, effects and acoustic space, but also to the visual component: photographic film artifacts and video clips. Immersion into the depths of consciousness is inevitable when you hear a psychedelic guitar with trip-hop beats floating in the space of experimental electronics. A gloomy, viscous sound grabs his cold paws and pulls him to a place where there is no concept of time and space.
ABIBOSS aka Anya Enot (Yakutia)
Harsh noise, dsch core with the lowest temperatures of Abasy, lost in deep taiga, lost in social skills, horizontal rain.

Social skills are the boring tools that enable people to communicate, learn, ask for help, get needs met in appropriate ways, get along with others, make friends, develop healthy relationships, protect themselves, and in general, be able to interact with the society harmoniously. 

Fuck the social skills
Mabok forever
GULAG low life


He began his career in 1996 as an apologist for club music, and out of love for this art he began to collect records. He began to demonstrate the range of his collection by first rising to the turntables in the 98th at the Ground Level parties at the Griboedov club with his friends dj Maxim Kislovsky and dj Sputnik. A little later, together with dj Demidov, he founded a series of Neva Deep parties at the Griboedov Club, which lasted 10 years in the same place.
The style of music is mainly deep house, house. Currently, Raf plays in all underground clubs of St. Petersburg, as well as in Russia and abroad. Recently, Raf has also been trying his creative career as a musician and working on creating his own tracks as well as a studio live project called GULGKEEPERS together with Andrei Kadomtsev aka BarBQ. Currently, Raf is a resident of the Stackenschneider club.

Igor Starshinov

Composer of electronic music from St. Petersburg. Prize winner Sergey Kuryokhin, author of a series of lectures on electronic music, a collector of analog retro instruments, a tireless collaborator who has released about 40 releases and creates multi-layer dance collages in the here and now mode, a member of the post-punk band PLOHO.

Maria Salieri

leader, songwriter and vocalist of the “MOSSS” group, creator of her own methodology and teacher for teaching vocal and stage skills, worked in the projects “Rasta Orchestra” (drum and bass, dub, jungle), “Kibberpride” (trip-hop, IDM) , recorded vocals for the French project “Myelophone”

Anastasia Volokhova

Contemporary artist and cyberfeminist, film critic, director, DJ Huffy Fibryyx and clip maker. Founder and editor-in-chief of SKURA magazine. She graduated from the undergraduate and graduate school of the Smolny faculty in the field of “Cinema and Video” and the School of the involved art group “What to do.” In music, he tries to combine the incompatible and believes that a modern DJ set should be uncomfortable for the listener. In photo and video works, he develops visual aesthetics based on new / post-Internet sensuality, digital filth, extreme affectiveness, aggressive eroticism and a love of thrash.

Ksenia Zenskaya

Fashion designer, artist and musician ZENKA
Free music – like tech house, dram and bass, future trap, asid house, retro funk

The debut as an electronic musician took place in early 2019 with the subsequent recording of three albums at once.

Alex Zender

Professional musician, artist and representative of the experimental electronic music scene. His work is a continuous fixation and a one-time reflection of the changing structures of the surrounding space, in which each person contains a whole universe. Addressing metaphysical issues erases the boundaries between styles and performance techniques. Music is created in real time and each of those present becomes a source for finding new expressive patterns.

Project participant: KENAKO, Blind Orchestra, {instead} ensemble, Classic Electric, Fog Star.

Alexey Borisov

Composer, sound artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, promoter, journalist.

Alexey is a Russian musician who stood at the origins of such styles and trends as new wave, electroscope, industrial, experimental electronics, noise, free improvisation, etc. He has hundreds of concerts all over the world, participation in major international festivals of electronic and experimental music, collaboration with musicians, sound artists, poets, directors, dancers and fashion designers from different countries.

Among the groups and projects of Borisov are: Night Prospectus, FRUITS (together with Pavel Zhagun), Volga, ASTMA (together with Olga Nosovaya), Gospaln Trio, Sounds We, Rivushie Strings and many others.
Borisov’s musical style is a unique combination of guitar improvisations with electronics, musique concrete, vocal impromptu and spoken word.

Also deals with electro-acoustics, free improvisation, participates in art projects and theatrical productions.
Collaborates with many video artists, directors, poets, dancers, performance artists.
He voiced silent films (together with Sergey Letov, Alexander Alexandrov, Olga Nosovoy, Dietrich Eichmann, Bob Meanza, Tikhon Kubov), including “Faust” by Friedrich Murnau (1928), “Aelita” by Yakov Protazanov (1924), “11th” ( 1928), “Enthusiasm” (1930) Dziga Vertov and others.
Borisov’s discography includes more than 100 albums and compilations on all existing media.
Since 2003, he has been the curator of the experimental music festival “Noise and Rage” in the cultural center “DOM” (Moscow).

Max Stropov

– artist, musician, philosopher, one of the participants of the art group {rodina} ( and the founder of the political movement the party of the dead (

As a musician, he is active in such areas as noise, industrial, black metal, electroacoustic and electronic improv. In sound performances, he works mainly with voice, electronics and lyrics. A participant of many situational collaborations (mostly improvisational) with many experimental musicians from Russia and Europe, as well as a number of relatively permanent musical projects, such as Sacrifices (experimental black, Phoenix Sect (post-industrial and Studio Unconscious Music (punk techno


Since 2010, the project of the pseudonym Eova Luciole has managed to release a huge amount of material, speak at various events and festivals of computer art, not limited to the territorial boundaries of the northern capital.
I launched into the world of 8-bit, Chiptune, the activity of the non-profit label BleepLove, which has in its account releases of both domestic performers and many foreign musicians.
Meet the mix of melodic chiptune and crazy chipbreak reproducible from gaming consoles.

ッ プ チ ュ ー ン, ゲ ー ム ボ ー イ 音 楽
私 の 口 の 星! ま た は ソ ビ エ ト 社会主義 共和国 連邦 の 自動 レ ア リ テ ィ Ӧ, 幸福, 喜 び, 嘔吐

Ignat Khlobystin and Elina Lebedze

Musicians with an academic background. Activities range from concerts at the philharmonic to participation in the projects “Cabaret Typhoon”, “Sad Wedding”.

444 – music project

It is gloomy, but at the same time dance music accompanied by electronic percussion. Live performances are a performance with elements of video art, vocals are present in some compositions.

Conceptually, 444 is the history of the study of one’s own fears, told in languages of various means of expression. At the exit, this “polyphony” confronts two poles: decadence and symbolism, while creating a new aesthetics of the new time.

Vladislav Lebedev

musician, actor, and scholar, best known as a former member of the Waltz in the Congo group. However, his solo work has nothing to do with the above collective. The avant-garde community knows Lebedev as the founder of an unusual education D.O.D. “Stone”, which he himself refuses to call a group or project, claiming that this is exclusively and only “jihad”. That is, an association that has, above all, spiritual, almost religious goals, and secondly, aesthetic ones. “Stone” began its journey as an experimental project, even released a joint album with the guru of Russian dark ambient Bardoseneticcube, but recently turned to a more public sound, which Lebedev calls “folk”.

In his work, Lebedev speaks strongly against irony and elitism, preaches the ideals of Sufism and anarchism, tries to find new melodic and ideological solutions. Much of what he does seems absurd and irreducible to a single grain, but a deep enough dive can remove contradictions for the listener / viewer and present a rich, colorful world of original and daring art.