Members of the Keeping zeitgeist gallery team:

 Project founder, 3D visualization – Dima Rotkin (1985)
 Born in the city of Fergana. Studied at SPbGASU at the Faculty of Automobiles and Roads. He was engaged in projects of the gallery “Palace” and a series of exhibitions “DOSKI & PAINTS”. Now he works in the Hermitage.

 Curator, texts and concept of the project –  Katya Mikhatova (1989)
 Born in Volgograd. Graduated from SPbGAIZhSA (Faculty of Theory and History of Art) and School of Involved Art of Chto Delat group. Organizer Kanonersku Island Environmental Biennale (2015\2017\2019), participated in “Field research: release knowledge”, MSI “Garage”, Moscow, “Relay race of artistic research” JCCA “Chicory” in Zheleznogorsk. Now works in the Museum of Art of St. Petersburg 20-21 centuries.

 We are always open to your questions, suggestions and comments. You can find out all the necessary information by contacting us by mail, as well as in the official social networks of the project.