Virtual Exhibition Space

Keeping Zeitgeist* gallery is not just a virtual gallery, which forms a new relationship between the viewer and art and problematizes the theme of Benjamin’s “aura” in a new way. It is a “museum in the pocket” that meets the demand for autonomy and anonymity, and at the same time an audiovisual attraction, since the music, created by contemporary composers, is part of each exhibition. The music together with the “non-existent places” create a new context for the exhibited works, and this contributes to the accretion of meanings. All exhibitions are permanent, the project aims to expand and accumulate on a regular basis, providing the artists’ works with an escape into the digital environment. We also interview artists, have a music column, and review art events.

Our exhibitions are available for viewing in several formats. 

On the main page of the site and in the exhibition section a 3d tour with a 360 panorama view is available. You can move through the spaces by clicking a white dot with your mouse.

In the section art-games are posted exhibitions in game format, with the ability to freely move through space (by pressing buttons – w, a, s, d), it is also possible to jump on the objects (button – the space bar).

To download the project in the browser of your computer must click “Run artgame”, please wait until it completes and proceed. For the exhibitions used music, so do not forget to turn on the sound on your device. Presented projects can be downloaded to your computer (windows) or phone(android).

*Our mission is to keep the spirit of the time. Visualize the boundary between dream and reality.

Enjoy watching!