Virtual Exhibition Space

Keeping Zeitgeist gallery – an art group mimicking an online gallery. We enter into ongoing collaborations with artists and musicians. The result of working with them is the creation of digital expositions. Kz gallery project is a bridge from real world to digital one. It reflects the current state of society, which is between online life and everyday reality. The fruits of our work are reliably fixed and immutable. But when they are transferred from the World Wide Web to the real world – they come to life, begin to shimmer, change and adapt to different conditions and tasks.

Keeping Zeitgeist gallery* is not just a virtual gallery that forms a new relationship between the viewer and art and problematizes the theme of Benjamin’s “aura” in a new way. It is a “museum in the pocket” that meets the requirement of autonomy and anonymity, and at the same time an audiovisual attraction, since the musical accompaniment created by contemporary composers is part of each exhibition. The music together with the “non-existent places” create a new context for the exhibited works, and this contributes to the accretion of meanings. All exhibitions are permanent, the project aims at regular expansion and accumulation, providing the artists’ works with salvation in the digital environment.

St. Petersburg, Russia
Media: 3D/VR/art game

The members of the KZ gallery team:

Founder of the project, 3D visualization –
Dima Rotkin (1985)
Born in Fergana. Studied at St. Petersburg State University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in the department of road construction. Engaged in projects of the gallery “Palace” and a series of exhibitions “DOSKI & KRASKI”. Currently works in the Hermitage.

Curator, texts and concept of the project
Katya Mikhatova (1989).
Katya was born in Volgograd. Graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Arts and Design (department of art theory and history) and School of Participatory Art, What Is to Be Done group. She is an organizer of Capstone Island Environmental Biennale (2015\2017\2019), took part in “Field Studies: Release Knowledge”, ISI “Garage”, Moscow, “Relay Race for Art Research” ZCIA “Cicory” in Zheleznogorsk. Worked at the Central Exhibition Hall Manezh, now at RAAN (Garage Museum).

Kzgallery exists 5 years and during this time made more than 40 exhibitions for contemporary artists: Stas Bugs, Andrey Lublinsky, Andrey Pomulev, Evgeny Butenko, Anna Andrzhievskaya, Alice Yufa, Pasmur Rachuyko, Andrey Rudiev, Nestor Engelke, Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva, Lada Uchayeva, Anna Rotayenko and others.

This is not the end. F5. SPb
Exhibitions nominated for the Sergei Kuryokhin Prize 2022: “Velimir in the Mousetrap” (Media Object) and “HVAC” (Sience Art)


Sustained Presence. Steamboat Office. Tyumen
Digital Mechanics. Sergey Kuryokhin Center. St. Petersburg
Cosmoscow (as part of Johnjoly Flowers? Special project “Phantom Family of Caspar Hauser”, created with support of Sergey Limonov Foundation. Msk
Everplace NFT. Third place. SPb

Release of Russian-Swiss project NOTLAND supported by the Pro Helvetia Foundation
Took Special Prize of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize
With the Mid summer exhibition by Anna Andrijewska

Online festival Ever art weekend 2020
Participation in the program of the project V ART REALITY
Exhibition order Solitude 2.0. from the Diaghilev Museum of Art