Aleksandr Cipsone “Artheism”

Artheism is a denial of everything except the art of self-expression. This is the name of the exhibition and the brand of clothes that I create and promote, for me this topic becomes a new ideology.
Since childhood, I was attracted by the texture of the walls, their color and shape. Everything that surrounded me, in an urban environment, did not then have a definite meaning and depended only on momentary perception. Then, when I was engaged in graffiti for a long time, I was attracted by an anonymous text message: that which at first glance is not always noticeable, but is clearly in its place and expresses exactly the mood and idea that the author wanted to convey. Now I am inspired by the “buffing” (these are the colored geometric patches that create utilities by painting illegal graffiti). This technique is attractive in terms of composition, shape, color, and how it fits into the urban landscape. I see this as a reference to constructivism and unconscious discourse.

In my work on canvases, I do not adhere to any clear plan, but act intuitively. This is a peculiar puzzle of impressions and thoughts about modern life, the history of avant-garde culture and the surrounding street space.

Text: provided by the author
Editing: Katya Mikhatova
Music: Alex Zender