Aleksandr Tsikarishvili “Time Snail”

The current time is the snail’s hour. The snail knows perfectly well that nothing is more constant than travel time.
The belief in “real estate” is finally shattered. The creations of successful architects are no stronger than a house of cards, for they stand on the quicksand of inflated capital and political interests.
The only possible architecture today is the impossible, an imaginary play on the thin invisible film between the outside and the inside, the architecture of signs, the construction of an imaginary shelter, a garment made from scraps of memory, made from a mess of childhood photographs, T-shirt prints, dreams, and TV shows.
The snail is like a spaceship, suspended in a vacuum of temporal fracture, where past and future are glued together in a spiral. Inside her, everything is jumbled, beginning to mutate and proliferate, giving birth to strange images. They happily inhabit a strange curvilinear space that likes to turn everything upside down. A grandmother with an ancient god becomes a space alien from the future, and an archaic portrait of a tyrant becomes a ridiculous spinning icon from a computer game.

Text: Liza Tsikarishvili
Music: Aleksandr Tsikarishvili

“Time Snail”