Alice Yufa “Nonrandom Stories”

The exhibition is like an imaginary office-receptionist of the artist, a box of impressions, a warm closet of coincidences and commemorative shots. The dominant feature here is a desk, crammed with stationery trifles, flowers and a loose canvas. Behind it is a window / picture overlooking the snowy promenade, surrounded by bits of trimmed poplars. The rest of the space is filled with scarlet stories with no beginning and end, enclosed in the framework of old TVs.

A person’s life consists not only of important events, but also of a number of magical moments that occur constantly with a person, you only need to pay attention to them. This may be the case in the subway, when the name of the station takes on a completely different meaning – “Chern” on Chernyshevskaya, clothes like twins – “How people in identical jackets in a confined space met, pranks of seals – when you catch them on the dining table (” I’ve returned! Already?), Experiments of joint cooking or browsing books, etc.

The world of Alice Yufa is multifaceted and colorful as a box with toys, at the same time ironic and kind as the magic magic of the godmother. Her works are mesmerizing by warm light, dynamics and soft geometry, layering of plans and fascinating everyday stories in the spirit of the stories of Harms or Gogol.

Text: Katya Mikhatova
Music: Masha Salieri

Biography: Alisa Yufa – illustrator, graphic artist. Born in 1987 in Novosibirsk, studied at the faculty of painting of the Novosibirsk Art College. Then, at the drawing department of the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. Now lives and works in St. Petersburg.

Alice Yufa has a very valuable quality for the artist: she knows how to interpret the text non-standard and witty. Her work is very atmospheric, accurate, ironic.

“Nonrandom Stories”