Anastasia Poliakova “Way out – create”

This project about  everyday life of an artist, answer to the issues artist faces today. The show comprises works of several years representing artist’s inner world full of anxiety, doubt, overcoming and the perception of the outer world. In the center is the sculpture “The museum of the glory of the labour migrants”, the free interpretation of “The birds” by Aristophanes. Author addresses the social context, asks about the real value of the physical work of the laborers who literally toil for our future. The object was on display at the project “Take-off. Forecast” at the VDNKh exhibition venue. The other works are paintings which take us through the moods. I Inner feelings of the artist reflect the outer world, the reality. Unconsciously comparing the work of laborers with the work of an artist, which is often underestimated and complicated, but is a large part of the public life, the artist shares her answer: “Way out – create”.

Text provided by the author

Biography: Anastasia Polyakova – easel and theater artist, teacher and director. She graduated from the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum at the Russian Academy of Arts, she studied at the Moscow State Academic Arts Institute. Surikov on easel painting at GITIS at the Faculty of scenography. Passed the Theatrical Design course at the British High School of Design. Lives and works in Moscow.
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