Andrey Pomulev “Psycho”

You are not \ accidentally here, it’s a room for picking up parts, fragments of personalities of one hero. It treats comfort, ripples of purity, sometimes it is necessary and cauterization of light, but there is nothing to be afraid of – all for the sake of future benefits.
Do you want to start talking with the allegorical carelessness of choice, the play of contradictions, the guises of all sorts of truths? And do not say that the intrigues of order did not warn you. Look around, finally, where you got! Around are concealed mutually exclusive accidents, references, codes of the imaginary, the consequences of the real world, fanning the collapse. Drawings on the walls in order to get here or get out? Of course, it is not necessary to go out of this container. And this is not the body.
It seems that you caught the harvest time, so let’s sum up the dashes. On the face is a mixture of culture style, the accumulation of the remainder. Perhaps some role of the film or evil fate deliberate destiny. It was lucky, of course, to be so surrounded by time and to get stuck in an unintentional place. The hospital is not for you crying – closed in the whole! But who are you, my hero, the keeper of other people’s souls?
Thus began a carefree series of dialogues, a conversation of speech remnants.

Text created by Kate Mikhatova


Biography: Andrey Pomulev is an artist, friend and associate of Vlad Mamyshev-Monroe and Timur Novikov. In the late 90s, he actively collaborated with the New Academy of Fine Arts, and then realized his potential as a curator and organizer of exhibitions and festivals. Now his attention is directed towards easel painting. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

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