Andrey Lublinsky “Birdwathing”

“Birdwatching” is a new project by Andrei Lyublinsky, implemented in the virtual gallery space. The case is new and fashionable, and our hero is always closely following the latest fashion and all sorts of innovations. And, of course, he noted for himself that Google launched a joint project with leading museums of the world (including the Tretyakov Gallery and the Hermitage), developing such galleries for them. Therefore, I immediately responded to the offer of my own exhibition in this virtual gallery. What is good virtual space? It not only allows you to show the already existing range of the artist, but creates the possibility of a virtual implementation of new objects. Moreover, on any scale, interior and exterior. And this is just what you need in order to show the scope of the artist’s ambitions and the range of possible proposals for implementation in scale and material.

In this project, the usual whistle from the arsenal of “folk crafts” becomes the considered superform. This form attracts Lublin with its conciseness and minimalist simplicity. In the brief description of the author is “one big enema, one – a small and one truncated.” From the combination of the three forms, an image is born. And not just an image, this thing also whistles. That is, excuse me, sings like a bird. I am not sure that Lublinsky goes to the park to observe and listen to rare birds (as he prefers Russian chanson), but I know that children make us cleaner and brighter, which means: after all, walks and listens. But this is the lyrics. But in practice, he is interested in the very superform of a wooden bird, which acquires variability in different colors. Unlike folk artists, the author does not paint anything with his hands, since the “palette” in the virtual space is completely different and allows for unprecedented results. Moreover, in prof. slang is called (forgive, nothing personal) “pull the graphics on the form.” Not so, I say, a simple lesson that requires knowledge of special programs. And here we find ourselves in this gallery, where the “birds” are no longer toys, but whole monuments. What is there to say? Effectively! It remains (to be sure) only to support the quotation from the classic: “Give the children more and more contemplation of the common human, world, but mostly try to acquaint them with this through native and national phenomena” (V.G. Belinsky)

Text created by Dmitry Pilikin

Biography: Andrey Lublinsky – professional designer and artist, curator, graduate of the design department of the St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy. Stieglitz. Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Member of the group “Sorcerers artists”. He is the author of red men in Perm, a huge yellow duckling in Moscow Gorky Park, a crocodile at the Flacon Design Factory and a large-scale installation of Friendship of Nations at the VDNKh. Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.

More about Andrei and his works can be found here