Anya Andrzhievskaya “Mid-Summer”

“How beautiful this world is from herbs and flowers, how treacherous and proud trees are.
The animals and decomposed corpses of our brothers nourish the brown body. Roots are blood vessels, and withered herbs are nails and hair. Streaks of leaves are like barely visible veins on a delicate neck. Flowers shamelessly laid bare buds for mutual caresses. In the fox hole, little animals are hiding, the entrances to the ventricles here and there. Time is no longer calculated in a long human life, hour or minute. Viscous air is motionless. Mushrooms are the true standard of family ties, brothers and sisters squeeze their sides, ”as the autressress writes about the art world in her works.

The artist’s rhizomatic exhibition is dedicated to the perception of nature, humanization of plants, interpenetration and communication of various materials. The viewer finds himself in a fairy forest: either from the tale of Lewis Carroll, or from the prehistoric era, when the kingdom of the Mushrooms ruled the world. The whole space is permeated with a network of sensations transmitting invisible signals and connecting all living things into a single ecosystem.

The main exposition included mythological paintings that incorporated signs of the triumph of natural phenomena, mysterious metamorphoses of flora and fauna, objects and heroes of the modern world. And also here, like seedlings, virtual objects are introduced into the soil, similar to extraterrestrial clumps of mirror substance. According to the joyfully enthusiastic mood and time of the year, the exhibition coincided with the middle of summer, the heyday and triumph of nature, due to which it got its name.

Text: Katya Mikhatova
Music: Anton Poluboyarinov

Biography: Born in 1989 in Perm. Graduate of the Art and Industrial Academy named after Stieglitz in St. Petersburg. In 2013, Anna studied under the program of the School for Young Artists of the PRO ARTE Foundation. The artist is a member of the “North-7” group.

Inspired by the beauty of forms in nature and the graphics of computer games – “I tame the elements, making an obstacle course for water, a cascade is the soul of a fountain.”

“Mid-Summer” Anna Andrzhievskaya