Elizaveta Frolova “In the village”

For the past few years, I remember with great trepidation trips to the village.
It was a long time ago. In childhood. It was always summer. It seems I loved to go there. At least I remember that.
This is a special atmosphere. Especially if you live in an old house: whitewashed walls, wooden painted floors, a minimum of furniture and decor, constant creaking, gnashing and singing of crickets from the cellar.

The idea that I will never again have the opportunity to return to the house from childhood memories bothers me. Not in my power to return it. But I can keep warm and vivid memories of him.

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Biography: Elizaveta Frolova is an architect-designer by education, an artist by profession, an artist on demand. She graduated from the Institute of Urban Studies SSTU. Gagarin Yu.A. Lives and works in Saratov. Lives and works in Saratov.

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