“Sleep paralysis”

“Between sleep and wakefulness
Something is going on around
Something familiar around
Something terrible is happening around
And I can’t run away from it
And I can’t fix it
I can’t move
Can’t breathe freely
You can only watch
You can only listen
One can only hope
what this time
wake up ”

Exhibition-purgatory as a non-place and not-time, as the stratosphere – the last border of life and death on earth, as the last test on the threshold of eternity. The exposition is composed of shouts and sighs, hand-embroidered on fabrics; from mirrored roses growing around a typical house where the artist lives; of nails-thorns that break through space; and from the dilapidated ladders leading to sky-high heights. The space is filled with flashes of despair and dark visions, but at the same time it is full of light and hope for a better future.
The name of the project “Sleep paralysis” refers to the state of complete or partial muscle paralysis that occurs during falling asleep or waking up. In this state, a person is immobilized, unable to speak and unable to open his eyes. The artist reinterprets this term, viewing it through the prism of feminist optics – the slogan “Personal is political” by activist and publicist Carol Hanish. Lada writes: “Sleep paralysis is a condition similar to my feelings from life in today’s Russia. Some events are happening around, sometimes very scary, some familiar things are distorted and become dangerous. And in general, you feel anxiety and powerlessness, practically paralyzed, and hope to wake up. ”

Text: Lada Uchaeva and Katya Mikhatova

Music: Daniil Gorokhov

Biography: born in 1992 in Saratov. Graduate of the St. A. L. Stieglitz (2015) and the school of interpretation of contemporary art “Paideia” (2016). At the moment he is studying at the magistracy of St. A. L. Stieglitz at the Department of Art Glass. Creates objects in various techniques, works mainly with fabric, embroidery.

«Sleep paralysis» Lada Uchaeva