Margarita Baranova “Sports mood”

The game and the competition, health and youth, new types of relationships and vigorous pastime – those things that usually attract a person in sports as such. Indeed, this active lifestyle / lifestyle sets a strong dynamic for the process of achieving the goals set. And with the constant repetition of certain actions, it also foreshadows great opportunities, grounds for pride, a sense of superiority and uniqueness of your body. The foundations of physical culture and lay the understanding of the components of success: a clear distribution of time, hard work and extremes, the desire to become the first, though not for long.

The venue of the exhibition of Margarita Baranova is a sports hall without windows and doors, a receptacle of various forms of activities and a kind of body temple. On each of the walls is a group of works correlated with each other, where the number of characters on each canvas becomes a kind of score in an interdisciplinary game (3: 3: 3-1: 2-3: 2-1: 1). On the first wall are paintings depicting the age and meaning of rest. The other is given to the speed and decisive value of time. The next wall is the results of the competition, moments of joy and sadness. The latter is devoted to a desperate leap and the conquest of the forces of gravity.

In the artist’s series of works, the theme of sport is revealed through the natural nature, moods that arise outside the rules of a particular game. A string of personal stories of people of different sex and age appears before the eyes of the audience. The movements and poses of the heroes of her paintings are selected as eloquent peak moments: the tension of the last forces, the final court, the hung uncertainty, the relaxed aftertaste of active rest. On the one hand, the notes of lightness and pleasant leisure lie on the canvases, on the other hand, the results of hard work and constant work on the result are shown. Thus, breaking the patterns of duality of any game solely as winning or losing, the exhibition reveals a wide range of ideas about sports and outdoor activities.

Text created by Kate Mikhatova


Biography: Margarita Baranova – artist, painter, member of the Union of Artists of Russia. She graduated from the Academy of Arts, a class under the guidance of prof. V.S. Pesikova. The main direction of Margarita’s creativity is – “figurative art” and “subject painting”. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

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