Nadya Kosinskaya “Dreams in weightlessness”

This is an exhibition-excursion, an exhibition-memory of the works of the artist 2010-2018. Quiet and bright paintings are placed on different sides of the hypercube. Visible emotions are excluded, echoes of the past are heard. There is a persistent feeling of floundering in the void, diving under water. There is no exit and entrance, nor a single space: you need to turn your head, change your point of view and look at the details.
Once on the floor, the viewer enters a dizzying space where an eternal train rushes through the water. A stop signal is visible, but it does not occur, the subway car continues to move. Below, a multistage gradient sets in: its strength lies in a white lump of paper, a sketch full of impossible hand errors.
On the ceiling, surrounded by four paintings, is a dining set. One pair of works reveals the warmth of the hearth, the other shows a look at the damp street. On the surface of the table, where tea is poured out of a cup, three more images are hidden, united by the theme of the road, waiting and moving in public transport.
The space between the refrigerator and the bed is filled with thoughts of the sea, as of a single state for all, where quiet reigns and smoothness. Heroes, immersed in themselves and in their thoughts, exist simultaneously both together and separately.
Another wall is occupied by a bathtub and a faucet, from which water is about to pour. Here are three of the artist’s works related to children’s warmth and spontaneity, games while swimming.

Text: Katya Mikhatova
Music: Zenka

Biography: Nadezhda – artist, teacher. He works in painting techniques, graphics, mixed media – embroidery, metal work, creates art objects. Born in the village of Nikolskoye. Linen. Region Graduated from SPbGHPA them. Stieglitz. He teaches drawing and composition in graphics at SPGUPTD. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

“In the painting of Nadezhda Kosinskaya, the key emotion is calm. This is the calm of everyday life pictures, each of which has a long story, a complex plot that remains behind the scenes, but obvious to an attentive observer.” Julia Rybakova.

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“Dreams in weightlessness”