Nastya Serge “Installatoin art”

Nastya Sergeeva is an artist, she travels, she is engaged in painting, sculpture, studying people, their emotions and feelings. And now she is calling us on a trip, to look at the installation.
“Do you know how it is? A message comes to you: “We decided that the artist can come up with his own space”
“Can any new space be possible?” Answer: “In general!” And all, with this answer you are carried away into space, you undertake to make layouts, invent, think through everything: how we turn, what is under our feet, what is above us, from which every detail What are they, my sculptures, if they are not limited to the size of a laser machine? What material? Cool, you can after all, anything, this is the Internet .. So in real life, too, we just forget about it. ”

Feelings, how to visualize them and begin to be with them in space – one of the themes of creativity. An exhibition with graphics on the sheets of “Feeling” was created, but this was not enough, then appeared spatial figures “Love”. Objects are mostly from intersecting triangular planes. Standing nearby, we could feel their corners, and from some points they seemed flat. Nearby .. but not inside, not under them .. Now the next level is a virtual installation. Are we under? Does not it bother us? Do our thoughts fly away? You choose where you should look and what to think about, even standing, as it seems to you, in the corner. About opportunities. Ideas. The power to stand on the water.

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Biography: Nastya Sergeeva is engaged in painting, illustration, design of fabrics, creates spatial objects, travels, studying people, their emotions and states. She graduated from the Academy of Arts. Lives and works in Moscow.

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