Galina Bleikh & Elena Serebryakova

The Reincarnation Zero project invites you on a journey into a “galaxy” that is constructed along the lines of the typical interface of a 3-dimensional computer program. In it, our 3-dimensional objects are born and live, like planets. We find ourselves in a complex, structured space, with the ability to designate any object as the center of the world by moving the pivot point (the zero point of the x, y, and z axes) into it. And each time, the “galaxy” resumes its revolution according to the laws of this new system of coordinates.
Doesn’t the same happen to us whenever we undergo some cardinal change of consciousness? We then find ourselves in a different system of coordinates – and, seemingly, in a world new to us. Such is, for instance, our current experience of living under conditions of a pandemic, which has “reset” our familiar reality to zero.

Text provided by the author
Sound: Nikolay Serebryakov (Koyla)

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“Reincarnation Zero”