What drives and inspires me as a creative is honestly life itself. Through the art of conversing, we experience so much fragmentation of thoughts and feelings throughout our daily lives. Unconsciously, we attach ourselves to quotes and advice that resonates with us in order to get us through our day or life. Powerful quotes, lines from music lyrics, and words of wisdom all evoke some form of emotion when you mull over them. Seeing these same words through neon mediums brings them to life. The pen is mightier than the sword and my choice of pen happens to be neon tubing. As a creative, I seek to continuously create an emotive dialogue between the nostalgia of millennial and the wisdom of the more mature. I want my authenticity and transparency of concepts to be relatable to the spectrum of all ages. To be able to communicate my sense of the world for somebody to understand is all the satisfaction I need because nothing is worse than truth untold. My ultimate goal as an artist is to make an impact on my community, culture, and ultimately, the world. It’s the artist’s responsibility to be observant. I believe that artists are able to see the world through a unique lens and bring to life complex nuances that exist and it’s my duty to help others to recognize the paradigms in which we live with. Using my work as a tool, I want to provide a new and different perspective that encourages more people to see the beauty, messages, and narratives that involved in art. I am passionate about opening new doors encouraging my peers and those who will come after me to go after what you believe in even if it’s non-traditional, as old doors won’t open new ways. Quality of work can only influence the quality of life…

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Biography: Robert is a contemporary Gano-American artist living and working in New York. In his work, he uses such media as neon lights, photos and videos, digital art and fashion design. The choice of this or that material is determined by the idea of a specific project seeking to build a dialogue between people of different eras. Robert’s goal is to develop innovative concepts that can leave a mark on the African American influence of millions in the culture of our time.

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