Sveta Mäkelä “Drift”

The light-flooded exposition of the exhibition is built as hyperreality, a futuristic allusion to the state of being stuck between sleep and reality. The bed here is a kind of ark for objects and phenomena of the abstract world. This ship slowly flans in outer space (or the idea of ​​it), filled with geometric bodies of a fantastic planetary system. The figure of a girl in a transparent suit, going into the distance – this is the artist herself, and the collective image of the ever-slipping muse. Such a conscious removal from the artist’s personality shifts the focus to the work itself, thereby pointing out to the viewer the priority of an individual interpretation of her works.

Images of Sveta Myakel, sensual and impulsive abstractions on paper, are very expressive in nature: this is not painting in its purest form, but also not graphics. At first glance, her works resemble the artist’s working palette, filled with random transitions from soft spots and lines, with hard pencil strokes. But it is worth taking a closer look at how harmonious, almost bodily relations of form and color are revealed to the eye, behind which hints of anthropomorphic images or even situations can be hidden. The artist pays special attention to color: she always uses the power of a white sheet, onto which warm, often muffled tones pour, which, combined with bright accents, give the drawings a sense of feminine strength and lightness.

Text: Katya Mikhatova