Tasha Kapushon “There should be a name here”: Loneliness and masks

“Not letting yourself be seen means dodging the possibility of being rejected, as well as the possibility of being accepted – from the balm of love” Olivia Lang

Beloved haven, art-closet, secluded workshop of renunciation of desires and feelings. A breath of freedom breathes the freshness of the mystery of the window-opening. Spider lamps at sunset magic room, cluttered at the time of the wrappers of imaginary life, the magical combination of moisture and light in the same volume.

Looking around at once, the visual-tactile side lights up more and more, and picturesque excitement rises. The suppressed anxiety and all the growing radiance are sharply seen, tearing the space with them. When raking the ringing sensations of everyday eternity, you gracefully flirt with the face of things, and in some places you simply turn on the key-tips. There are honor petals and conscious slyness, the motive of the expression of juice and the search for the realness of the spirit.

There is a series on the development of the perception of subtlety, the extreme points of suffering of an individual being. The beginning appears in a white broken miracle, a little death that has gone in on the sly. Turning off the head, let the mind come. For the sake of truth life, red is cut off, a dimple of emptiness memory is treated kindly. A monologue of clarity, loneliness and thoughts of magnitudes sounds, there comes an appearance, with drops of doubt.

And there around the corner is beautiful, the mirror is the harbinger of your misfortune. Step forward, and the masks will flutter where the conscience is henbane, and the heartless darkness. The pulp of the body is covered with things, the reactions of witticity are stung in full. But where past experience is significant, there is power in the hands. In the gorge between the cream of dreams and pain pains the history of heat rumbles, a stream of fixations flies. The opening is coming, all the new differences, the magical protection against the farce of the external.

Text created by Kate Mikhatova

Biography: Tasha Hood paints pictures, teaches, sews clothes, enjoys film photography. The artist works in a mixed technique, constantly trying new things. It is often said that postmodernism and pop surrealism are traced in her works. She lives and works in Minsk.

More Tashi works can be found here www.behance.net/tashahood

“There should be a name here” Tasha Kapushon