«Digital Mechanics»

We are again manifesting ourselves in reality – from October 7 to November 12 we take part in the festival “Digital” at the Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Contemporary Art SPb, Ligovsky Prospekt 73, 4th floor

We will show a new exhibition “Hyperbaric oxygenation” by Stas Bugs with music by NEW COMPOSITORS in the format of a video game. With this project we loop the spiral of our activity: the first exhibition was posted on our platform in 2017 – it was “1984”. It appeared thanks to a collaboration with Stas and looked like a copy of a real space – the room where the LABORATORIO DISTILITA bar is now located in the Berthold Center. At that time, only one point of view was available for viewing, there was no sound or movement. Now, 6 years later, we have created the longest and most complex exhibition ever, with more than 15 locations – in the form of total installations based on Bugs’ works, game elements and joystick control, as well as absolutely fantastic music.

We look forward to seeing you at the vernissage as well as during the exhibition. In the next week or two or three, the game format will only be available at Digital at Kuryokhin.