Happy new 2019 year, relatives of like-minded and unfamiliar friends!

We decided to maintain a good tradition of summarizing and share with you the results of this incredible year.

This season we created:
15 solo and 1 family exhibition, 2 of which were debut projects, and 1 retrospective of the whole creative way.

Our virtual gallery began to manifest itself in reality:
We took part in 2 events – BYOB – Bring Your Own Beamer and the 7th Independent Contemporary Art Fair – thus having mastered both Sevkabel barracks and organized 1 year Kz gallery – celebrating the creation date of our space in the very place where our project started – Bertgold center.
And they wrote about us in ARTGUIDE \ ARTGUIDE – the article “Run, artist, run” about Petersburg independent artists and space.

We also worked on corporate identity:
a series of stickers and screensavers was developed, and for social. We came up with several new headings, among which I would like to highlight – an interview with contemporary artists and a rare movie about art.

In conclusion, we want to thank all the artists who have managed to work with us this season, as well as the audience for the genuine interest in our project, the support and the time you spend with us!

P.S. In Christmas, the program for the next season will be announced, and then we will take a short pause to update the virtual space of kzgallery.com