Installation dedicated to the virtual exhibition “Hyperbaric oxygenation”


We show and tell you about our new installation dedicated to the virtual exhibition “Hyperbaric oxygenation” by artist Stas Bugs, music by New Composers, which can be seen at the Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Contemporary Art in the next month. It is not easy to find it, as always, it is located at the very end of the exposition – a gray curtain and a white sofa.

The main emphasis of the installation is on the game version of the project, so we created a design that duplicates elements of the virtual one. At first glance it may seem that the passage of “Hyperbaric Oxygenation” goes from the first person, but if you pay attention to the lower left corner – it becomes clear that the main character is a brown figure of Giraffe from the set Robots-Beasts. This character is the real-life mascot of Stas Bugs, whom he named: “Booty Booty Laser Sr.”, this monster was the first in the collection and accompanied him on exams, and even now is kept at his house. At some point we wanted to make the presence of this character more tangible, for which we recreated his free copy from scotch tape. Another important element is the long green corridor, the foyer, the operating room and the system of passages itself – it refers to the Mariinsky Hospital, where the artist’s mother worked and where he spent his childhood. Evidence of this, as well as a map of the journey, is presented on the opposite wall.

Enjoy your visit!