New season new music!

This time we decided to test the possibilities of old friendships and sudden coincidences. Some of the artists chose trusted like-minded people to collaborate on the exhibition project, while others surrendered to the will of fate.

By tradition, a certain performer will be responsible for each month. The musicians will create the artwork for the exhibition and collect playlists for our virtual space.

February: Igor Starshinov (composer of electronic music, member of the Ploho band – avant-garde, experimental noise, electronic)

March: Raf (techno, industrial)

April: Abiboss (harsh noise, dsch core)

May: MÃ¥rble (experimental, electronic, noise)

June: Nikolay Serebryakov (house)

July: Mahjong Warrior (Electronic)

August: Bob Buttons (chiptune, electronic, rpgwave)

September: inte (electronic)

October: KATSU! (Anna Rotaenko and Mark Vopros – experimental, electronic, noise)

November: Katsura (techno)

December: KATE NV (art pop, synthpop, progressive electronic)