Vladislav Lebedev

musician, actor, and scholar, best known as a former member of the Waltz in the Congo group. However, his solo work has nothing to do with the above collective. The avant-garde community knows Lebedev as the founder of an unusual education D.O.D. “Stone”, which he himself refuses to call a group or project, claiming that this is exclusively and only “jihad”. That is, an association that has, above all, spiritual, almost religious goals, and secondly, aesthetic ones. “Stone” began its journey as an experimental project, even released a joint album with the guru of Russian dark ambient Bardoseneticcube, but recently turned to a more public sound, which Lebedev calls “folk”.

In his work, Lebedev speaks strongly against irony and elitism, preaches the ideals of Sufism and anarchism, tries to find new melodic and ideological solutions. Much of what he does seems absurd and irreducible to a single grain, but a deep enough dive can remove contradictions for the listener / viewer and present a rich, colorful world of original and daring art.