He began his career in 1996 as an apologist for club music, and out of love for this art he began to collect records. He began to demonstrate the range of his collection by first rising to the turntables in the 98th at the Ground Level parties at the Griboedov club with his friends dj Maxim Kislovsky and dj Sputnik. A little later, together with dj Demidov, he founded a series of Neva Deep parties at the Griboedov Club, which lasted 10 years in the same place.
The style of music is mainly deep house, house. Currently, Raf plays in all underground clubs of St. Petersburg, as well as in Russia and abroad. Recently, Raf has also been trying his creative career as a musician and working on creating his own tracks as well as a studio live project called GULGKEEPERS together with Andrei Kadomtsev aka BarBQ. Currently, Raf is a resident of the Stackenschneider club.