Ksenia Yermoshina

Research Fellow at the Center for Internet and Society (CNRS, France), UX designer and composer. Founder of the Research Institute of Noise, an independent interdisciplinary institute specializing in sound studies, the study of noise in various disciplines, the development of experimental sound practices. The Research Institute of Noise holds regular educational and concert events in St. Petersburg aimed at developing a community around drone and noise music.

Now Ksenia is working on a drone album, entirely created from sounds collected by her in the data centers of St. Petersburg. The noises of mining farms, coolers constantly cooling server rooms remind us of the direct dependence of the constantly growing streams of our data on specific material carriers.

The aim of the project is to draw attention to the links between the global data economy and climate change. The artificial cold necessary for the operation of the server rooms is involved in the production of planetary warming.