Antanas Jacinevičius

Composer/sound artist
Born in 1988 in Moscow. He graduated from the educational program “Experimental Sound and Multimedia Technologies” from aka SA)), was trained at the School of Photography and Multimedia named after. Rodchenko in the workshop of interactive media.

Antanas’ alter ego is reflected in the Spitsbergen project, and the artist is also part of the Constant 9 project and performs under his own name. The works of the composer at the same time express melancholy and tension, suspension and question. Expressive means originate in electro-acoustic, industrial, noise and techno music.

About the music for the project “Velimir in a mousetrap”:
Through music, I tried to enhance the effect of the detachment of the play space: a kind of deconstruction of the characters, objects and concepts that appear in the poem. At the same time, I wanted to build a kind of audio narrative that is in counterpoint with textual and visual narrative.