“Authenticity never goes out of style” Robert Owusu III

How would you describe your art?

I would describe my work as three dimensional. My concepts stem from my childhood, idealogical conversations, and dreams; but the thread that ties all of these subjects together lies within the Millennial and African-American culture. I alway make sure that it is at the forefront of everything that I do.

What medium of your work do you stick to and why did you choose it?

That is a very hard question for me because I exercise my creativity through photography, videography, garments, digital content, and neon light art. For my work, everything is interconnected with each other. My neon art has to match up with the texture of the digital art content to line up with the aesthetics of the garments I produce or may find in archive to align with everything else. If I had to choose, it would be my light art because it isn’t a common medium and I enjoy the idea of being in uncharted territory. This gives me a chance to challenge myself in order to manipulate this form of art.

Art – reflected reality or dream in action?

I feel that art is dream in action because I feel it is the only place where there’s beauty in imperfection; the true nirvana. The ability to bring any idea from concept phase to fruition IS the dream itself.

What is happiness for a modern artist?

Happiness for a modern artist is full creative freedom. Creative freedom meaning spiritually, mentally and financially. I believe that all artist want the ability to push their ideas as far as humanly possible no matter how insane it may be. We just want to be afforded the luxury of producing work limitlessly.

Is it easy to enter a local art environment / community? and how long does it takes from a young artist who has just moved to New York?

It’s difficult for a young artist from New York to break through never mind an artist who just moved to New York. Unlike other industries, anybody can start being an artist. Art does not discriminate (age, gender, occupation, etc) as long as there is a space where it can exist and an audience. Downside is that there is clutter within the industry due to a major boom and the immense amount of capital in it. Time will reveal who was genuine with their work versus who was producing for the wrong intentions. Time does not matter, authenticity never goes out of style.

What subjects are you interested in and do you work for order?

Subjects I am interested in that I pull for my work are fashion, my childhood, architect, art, design, music, movies, even interpersonal conversations.

Talent, professionalism and genius – what is the difference between these concepts?

I believe that talent and genius are both one in the same of having a power that comes second nature to you. The difference between these concepts is talent and genius is within you whereas professionalism is acquired. Everyone has a talent, it is just up to the individual to find what that talent is, but hard work which is professionalism in this context beats talent and genius any day.

Is there a difference between male and female art?

The beauty of art is that it is not biased. It does not matter who or where it comes from. It all boils down to having a perspective that no one else sees and that speaks volume to what it is.

What motivates you in everyday life?

What motivates me in everyday life is seeing all the creatives in different fields pushing the boundaries needed to break barriers. Just the fact that I’ve watched the growth of many creatives, some I know personally and some I only know their work. Seeing all these different forms of art gives me the drive to work on my craft every single day. Of course there are days where I feel defeated but your drive should overpower that – at least for me.

What inspires you in your work?

I am inspired by everything. From a simple interpersonal conversation with someone to reading my daily dose of TechCruch™, anything can spark my interest that leads me into a rabbit hole of different things. Though my primary interest will always be fashion, art, and music, I am alway open to new components that will resonate to me.

The ideal place for your work – a museum, gallery, public place or private collection?

I don’t have an ideal place for my work. I romanticized on the idea of having my work in unconventional places while still allowing it to be interpersonal for an individual to have a personal connection to it. Because I exercise my expression through many mediums, the ideal places are boundless.

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Questions asked: Katya Mikhatova

Photo: provided by the author

Robert’s works and projects can be viewed on his website: iiieyeview.com