Since 2010, the project of the pseudonym Eova Luciole has managed to release a huge amount of material, speak at various events and festivals of computer art, not limited to the territorial boundaries of the northern capital.
I launched into the world of 8-bit, Chiptune, the activity of the non-profit label BleepLove, which has in its account releases of both domestic performers and many foreign musicians.
Meet the mix of melodic chiptune and crazy chipbreak reproducible from gaming consoles.

ッ プ チ ュ ー ン, ゲ ー ム ボ ー イ 音 楽
私 の 口 の 星! ま た は ソ ビ エ ト 社会主義 共和国 連邦 の 自動 レ ア リ テ ィ Ӧ, 幸福, 喜 び, 嘔吐